Travel Diary: Pathways to Prosperity Ministerial Convenes in the Dominican Republic
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks shortly after her arrival for meetings in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Oct. 5, 2011. [AP Photo]

About the Author: Michael Hammer serves as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

Today, leaders from 15 countries gathered in the Dominican Republic for the fourth Pathways to Prosperity Ministerial. Delegates from the Inter-American Development Bank, Organization of American States, and United Nations are also attending. This is the third Pathways meeting Secretary Clinton has attended, and one could clearly see her enthusiasm as we talked about the day ahead on our flight down from Washington.

Pathways is a policy-level dialogue in which Western Hemisphere countries committed to democracy and open markets learn from one another’s experiences and seeks to implement best practices so that economic prosperity can reach more and more people. The underlying goal of Pathways is to spread the benefits of economic growth more broadly to all of our hemisphere’s citizens.

The leaders of the countries assembled here recognize that more needs… more »

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