Leveraging the Tools of 21st Century Statecraft

Image of m.state.gov on mobile device, June 9, 2010. [State Depart. Image]

About the Author: Victoria Esser serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Digital Strategy in the Bureau of Public Affairs.

When I joined the State Department three short months ago, I was so pleased to be joining an institution that has been at the forefront of digital diplomacy; reinforcing our diplomatic leadership by using digital networks and technologies in service of U.S. foreign policy goals. Secretary Clinton has called this “21st Century Statecraft" — complementing traditional foreign policy tools with the networks and technologies of our interconnected world.

Underscoring our commitment to these efforts, January is the Department’s 21st Century Statecraft month and we’ll be taking advantage of the truly participatory nature of social media to bring people virtually into the State Department briefing room to ask their foreign policy questions. State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland will…more »

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