Advancing U.S. Economic Statecraft in 2012
Shipping containers line the Port of Long Beach, awaiting export in Long Beach, California, in January 2011. [AP File Photo]

About the Author: Jose Fernandez serves as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs.

This time last year, I made three, broad resolutions for 2011: to continue promoting U.S. job creation; to seek and build overseas economic alliances; and to protect U.S. businesses and their interests. Beyond these three, I also resolved to exploit every opportunity to foster prosperity at home and abroad. It is clear to me that my bureau’s hard work and resilient efforts paid off during 2011. In the wake of the Arab Awakening, we took quick steps to foster economic recovery in the region, including through promotion of entrepreneurship and U.S.-Middle East business relationships. This fall, we seized long-standing opportunities for expanding economic growth by finalizing trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea,… more »

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