It’s All About You: ‘My State Department’ Launched

Screenshot of My State Department, an optional interface that allows users to customize their view of the vast electronic collection that comprises, for targeted, quick and easy access to the foreign policy topics that they find most interesting. [State Department image/ Public Domain]

About the Author: Janice Clark serves as the Director of Electronic Information in the Bureau of Public Affairs.

I think just about everything on is interesting, but you might not take the same interest in food security, women’s issues, or the human rights reports that I do. With the site’s roughly 100,000 pages of content (and growing), we set out to create a way to help you, the end user, more easily access the categories of information that matter most to you.

That’s what’s behind the pilot release of My State Department — an optional, customizable interface that makes the most of the vast electronic collection that comprises so you can be better informed and stay on top of foreign policy topic areas that you find most interesting or in which you want to become…more »

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