Honoring the Legacy of Cesar Chavez

United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez, foreground right, addresses a large crowd at a rally in Calexico, California, Feb. 27, 1979. [AP File Photo]

Barbara Shailor serves as Special Representative for International Labor Affairs.

On March 23, President Obama announced that Americans would celebrate March 31, 2012, in recognition of Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez, who made it his mission to “ensure respect, dignity, and fair treatment for farm workers,” was a strong advocate for human rights and social justice — for migrants, for workers, and for communities. His philosophy of nonviolence and his commitment to fighting discrimination and improving working conditions for migrant workers are key parts of the history of the civil rights and labor movements in the United States. They also serve as inspiration to activists and community leaders, here in the United States and around the world, who continue his work. 

Today, I encourage everyone to take a moment to read the text of President Obama’s proclamation, and to honor Cesar Chavez and all those who organize, who advocate, and who dream of and achieve better livelihoods for their families and communities.

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