Burundi Takes on Marking Small Arms After Successfully Clearing Landmines

Peacekeepers of the U.N. mission in Burundi prepare to destroy assault rifles, guns, grenades, mortars, mines and ammunition, pictured, on Dec. 27, 2005 on the outskirts of the capital Bujumbura. [AP File Photo]

About the Author: Katie Smith serves as an Assistant Program Manager in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.

In November 2011, the government of Burundi reached a major milestone in its recovery from decades of civil war with the announcement that their country had reached “landmine-free” status. Now, with the help of the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Burundi has embarked on a new initiative to build on these gains by improving security of its military and police forces’ inventories of small arms and light weapons, such as assault rifles and pistols.

Since 2006, the United States has invested approximately $2.7 million in assistance for weapons stockpile security training, the destruction of 9,000 of its excess weapons, and destruction of 75 tons of its obsolete and excess ammunition in Burundi. This also included… more »

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