Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Shinawatra at an Official Dinner

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
November 18, 2012
Government House
Bangkok, Thailand

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, good evening, everyone. Madam Prime Minister, distinguished guests and ladies and gentlemen, my visit to Thailand is far too brief, but even in my short stay I’ve already felt the extraordinary warmth and kindness and hospitality of the people of Thailand. Everyone knows that this is the “Land of Smiles,” and I have felt it everywhere that I’ve gone.

I’ve also felt the dignity and strength of this country and its people — the tranquility and peace that I felt as I had the privilege of walking around the sacred grounds of Wat Pho and gazing up at the reclining Buddha; the compassion and wisdom that you felt in the presence of His Majesty the King, who has devoted his reign to the welfare and development of his people. We’ve seen it in the resilience that has pushed this nation forward, most recently in the face of devastating floods.

And most of all, I think we all feel here tonight the unique friendship between our peoples. His Majesty once said that since he was born in America, the United States is “half my motherland.” And we are just as proud of all the Thai Americans who enrich our country. In fact, I was mentioning to His Majesty that my friend, Ladda Tammy Duckworth, just became the first Thai American woman ever to be elected to our Congress, and she’s from my home state of Illinois so I’m especially proud of her.

Everything that I’ve felt — your dignity, your resilience, your friendship, your warmth — that is the foundation of our alliance. It’s why you were the first Asian nation to reach out to America after we won our independence. It’s why in Asia, to this day, we can say Thailand is our oldest friend. And we are extraordinarily proud of that friendship, and we are especially pleased to see the excellent leadership that, Madam Prime Minister, you are providing as you continue this country’s path of democracy, freedom and development.

So I want to propose a toast: To the friendship between our peoples, to the strength of our alliance, to the peace and prosperity that we seek, and to Their Majesties the King and the Queen. MORE.

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