Cooperatively Observing Ghana Decide

Voters wait in line at a polling station in Sunyani, Ghana, December 7, 2012. [U.S. Embassy photo by Kwabena Akuamoah-Boateng/ Public Domain]

About the Author: Gene A. Cretz serves as U.S. Ambassador to Ghana.

While many Americans experienced long lines when voting in our 2012 elections, by and large, they faced these inconveniences with patience and determination. Ghanaians displayed the same kind of determination, patience, and pride this past weekend when exercising their right to vote in their sixth presidential and parliamentary elections. Ghana’s commitment to democracy stands unrivaled on the African continent and is a lesson to all who take seriously our civic duties to vote, be it through volunteering as poll watchers, serving as election workers, or engaging in “Get Out the Vote” efforts.

Recognizing the strength of Ghana’s democratic traditions, as demonstrated in its five previous elections and two inter-party transitions of power, U.S. Embassy Ghana mapped out a strategy to observe Ghana’s first biometric election process while coordinating effectively with other… more »

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