Young Middle East and North African Entrepreneurs Gather in Dubai

Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides meets with young entrepreneurs from the State Department-sponsored Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative on the sidelines of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 12, 2012. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

About the Author: Andy Rabens is the Special Advisor for Youth Engagement in the Bureau of Near East Affairs, Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

What is the common thread between a young man that launched an online hotel booking portal for tourists to the West Bank; a young woman who founded a Muscat-based Belgian-style chocolate company selling sweets made with local Omani sourced ingredients; and a young man who established a Lebanese “culture pass” that provides discounts to destinations at countless popular venues around the country? 

The answer: They are incredibly impressive and successful new additions to the burgeoning ranks of the Middle East region’s young entrepreneurs. In addition, they are three members of an equally accomplished delegation of 17 young entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa — including the countries of Iraq, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Yemen, Libya, Oman, and Jordan — who… more »

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