Christmas in Kabul

Afghans walk down a snow covered road after a snowstorm in Kabul, Afghanistan, January 23, 2012. [AP File Photo]

About the Author: Janet Heg serves as a Cultural Affairs Assistant at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

As Christmas approaches, my husband and I are almost halfway through our year-long assignment to Kabul. Serving at an unaccompanied post was not something we had to do, but something we chose to do. We expected the work to be interesting and rewarding, but we had no idea how many special, rare, and unique moments were in store for us.

I consider myself enormously privileged to have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of Afghans, many of them students and many of them incredibly brave. I value the brief glimpses into the lives of others, the few moments when I learn a little about the difficulties that other people face daily.

In a provincial capital, women talked about some of the obstacles that prevent girls getting an education. In one village, for example, girls cannot go to school after sixth grade because there is no female teacher and adolescent… more »

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