Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks With President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud After Their Meeting

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
January 17, 2013

SECRETARY CLINTON: I am delighted to announce that for the first time since 1991, the United States is recognizing the Government of Somalia.

Now before I talk about what comes next for this partnership, it is worth taking a moment to remember how we got here and how far we have come together. When I entered the State Department in January 2009, al-Shabaab controlled most of Mogadishu and south and central Somalia. It looked at the time like it would even gain more territory. The people of Somalia had already endured many years of violence and isolation, and we wanted to change that. We wanted to work together, not only with the people of Somalia but with governments across the region, the international community, and other likeminded friends. MORE

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