UNESCO Meeting Sends Clear Message: Keep the Internet Free and Open

Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer delivers remarks at the WSIS+10 Ministerial Panel in Paris, France, February 25, 2013. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

About the Author: David Killion serves as U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO.

The Internet is so much a part of our lives these days it can come as a surprise to learn how much Internet freedom is at threat around the world. Fortunately, Internet freedom received a major boost at UNESCO last week, thanks to the efforts of the United States and other likeminded participants at the first review meeting of the “World Summit on Information Society” (WSIS), called WSIS+10.

As U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO, I joined Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer to lead the U.S. delegation at UNESCO’s WSIS+10. This review meeting brought together governments, private companies, civil society groups and individual experts to discuss a whole range of Internet-related issues, from cyber-security to e-learning, and press freedom to e-business. The United States… more »

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