Secretary Kerry Travels to the Middle East and Africa

Secretary Kerry will travel May 21 to Muscat, where he will meet with senior Omani officials to discuss a range of bilateral and regional issues.

On May 22, the Secretary will visit Amman, where he will meet with key international partners to further explore ways that the international community can work towards bringing together both sides of the conflict and developing a path toward a negotiated political solution to the crisis in Syria.

On May 23-24, Secretary Kerry will travel to Jerusalem and Ramallah. In Jerusalem, he will meet with Israeli leaders, and in Ramallah he will meet with the Palestinian leadership.

Secretary Kerry will then travel May 24-25 to Addis Ababa, where he will meet with senior Ethiopian officials to discuss bilateral issues and participate in the Golden Jubilee of the Organization of African Unity at the African Union Summit.

On May 26, Secretary Kerry will depart Addis Ababa and return to Amman, where he will participate in the World Economic Forum.

The Secretary will depart Amman and return to Washington on May 27.

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