Secretary Kerry listens to a student explain an entrepreneurial project. Later, the Secretary attended an ASEAN Young Leaders meeting in Brunei. His opening remarks included the following message to the region’s youth:

“Sixty-five percent of ASEAN is under the age of 35 years old, so when you think about that, the future really belongs to you. You’re going to define it, and you’re going to live it, and what happens - whether it’s issues like human trafficking or environmental degradation or climate change or economic growth – are fascinating, challenging, and they are really the heart of public life and of the social fabric of each of your countries. … I’m here for a U.S.-ASEAN Summit today, and tomorrow we have an East Asia Summit. We’re going to be talking about the future and talking about the security concerns. So what do you see? I’d like to know what you see now as the greatest challenges. What do you want people in my position to be thinking about? What should we be trying to achieve together?”

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