Secretary Kerry dedicated this bust of a famous world leader in the U.S. Capitol today. As the Secretary described him today, this leader “was an original in every respect.” Born to an American mother, he is remembered for stirring oratory, witty retorts and, above all, courage and leadership in a time of crisis. 

Who is this man?

  1. incognito-magneto said: Winston Churchill!
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  3. alinakarkus answered: Winston Churchill
  4. masterjack42 answered: Winston Churchill.
  5. gardenlilie answered: What? Is this Obama, must be. I haven’t seen the news today, but he did serve in a time of crisis and it could’ve been so much worse, worse!
  6. gardenlilie said: let me know if I’m right! gardenlilie
  7. swt2thjohnny answered: President Barack Obama
  8. etherealisticity answered: winston churchill?
  9. mattjosey1 answered: Winston Churchill
  10. themanliestleslianiknow said: Churchill?
  11. ovaloffices answered: Winston Churchill!
  12. spirograffe said: Oh, there is an image. Okay.
  13. spirograffe answered: State Department, if you haven’t heard about the bust dedication, that could be SO MANY PEOPLE. Like, at least four.
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