Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims About Ukraine

Russia continues to spin a false and dangerous narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine.

Russia Claims: Russia ordered a “partial drawdown” of troops from the Ukrainian border.

Fact: No evidence shows significant movement of Russian forces away from the Ukrainian border. One battalion is not enough. An estimated 35,000-40,000 Russian troops remain massed along the border, in addition to approximately 25,000 troops currently in Crimea.

As free nations, we will continue to stand together in defense of international law, our mutual security, and the right of nations and people everywhere to freely choose their own destiny.
Secretary Kerry at NATO, April 2, 2014
With time, so long as we remain united, the Russian people will recognize that they cannot achieve security, prosperity and the status that they seek through brute force.
President Obama on the situation in Ukraine, March 26, 2014
What Russia has done is wrong as a matter of law, wrong as a matter of history, wrong as a matter of policy, and dangerous… We must stand together denying recognition and imposing consequences for this illegal act.
Ambassador Samantha Power at a Security Council Meeting on Ukraine, March 19, 2014
The future of Ukraine must be decided by the people of Ukraine. That means Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected, and international law must be upheld.
President Barack Obama, March 17, 2014
Russia prevented adoption of a resolution today. But it cannot change the aspirations and destiny of the Ukrainian people. And it cannot deny the truth displayed today that there is overwhelming international opposition to its dangerous actions.
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, After a UN Security Council Vote on a Resolution on Ukraine, March 15, 2014

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