"State in 60 Seconds" Video — Global Diaspora Forum

In a “State in 60 Seconds” video blog, Acting Special Representative for Global Partnerships Thomas Debass discusses the 2013 Global Diaspora Forum, which brings together diaspora leaders from around the world.  The theme for the 2013 Global Diaspora Forum is “Where Ideas Meet Action.”  The 2013 Forum will demonstrate exemplary initiatives undertaken by diaspora communities in the fields of development and diplomacy and will showcase methods of cultural bridge-building that encourage young diasporans to connect with their countries of heritage.

The Power of Partnerships

Participants pose for a photograph at the DEMO Africa Forum in the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, October 25, 2012. From left to right: Tom Genton, Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State Bureau of African Affairs; Jon Gosier, CEO of Appfrica; Bahiyah Robinson, Appfrica; Barbara Birungi, Appfrica; Emmanuel Owusu Addai, Farmerline (Ghana), Apps4Africa 2011 West Africa regional winner; Marieme Jamme, Appfrica; Eric Mutta, Mini Shop Tanzania, Apps4Africa 2011 East Africa regional winner; and Thomas DeBass, Director of the Secretary of State's Office of Global Partnership Initiatives. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

About the Author: Thomas Debass serves as Deputy Special Representative for Global Partnerships.

On our final day of this multi-blog series on partnerships, I’d like to highlight other ways in which the Global Partnership Initiative helped advance a number of other meaningful partnership activities. These partnership “wins” include:

Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA): In May, I helped launch the LIONS@FRICA partnership at the World Economic Forum on Africa along with key public and private sector partners to strengthen… more »

The Year in Global Partnerships

Special Representative for Global Partnerships Kris Balderston introduces U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the first-ever Global Impact Economy Forum at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on April 26, 2012. [State Department photo by Ben Chang/ Public Domain]

About the Author: Kris M. Balderston serves as the Special Representative for Global Partnerships within the Office of the Secretary of State.

Throughout 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton continuously emphasized the importance of partnering and cross-sectoral collaboration as a means to improve diplomacy and development outcomes around the world. At the Global Partnership Initiative, we have worked hard to achieve the Secretary’s vision around partnerships by breaking down barriers to collaboration within and across the Department and with the private sector and civil society organizations. To say it’s been a tremendously successful year for partnerships would be an understatement.

In 2012, we saw each of our four flagship partnerships grow and flourish beyond expectations and the focus on building partnerships… more »

Global Philanthropy: Harnessing the Generosity of the American People

Toy models left by visitors of designs for products that could help solve world problems are seen in front of a wall of self-made photo portraits of other visitors at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitors Center in Seattle, Washington, Jan. 24, 2012. [AP File Photo]

About the Author: Tara Sonenshine serves as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

The State Department’s Global Philanthropy Working Group, which I co-chair with Special Representative for Global Partnerships Kris Balderston, is focused on creating a global ecosystem that promotes philanthropy and encourages a culture of giving abroad. One of the most effective ways we can do that is by harnessing a quintessential American asset — the generosity of our own people.

We see that spirit writ large today, as we mark #GivingTuesday, a movement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, volunteer organizations, faith-based organizations, and retailers all dedicated to helping people in need. More than 1,500 partners in all 50 U.S. states have come together to build campaigns… more »

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers remarks at the Second Annual Global Diaspora Forum at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. on July 25, 2012. [Go to http://video.state.gov for more video and text transcript].

Secretary Clinton delivered the keynote address earlier today at the Global Diaspora Forum. Watch for a replay of the Secretary’s remarks here. 

Secretary Clinton delivered the keynote address earlier today at the Global Diaspora Forum. Watch for a replay of the Secretary’s remarks here